Life’s tough my darling, but so are you.
— Anonymous

Who Are We

We are a woman owned business specializing in custom designed pieces of gifts, jewelry, & home decor. Each piece is individually designed out of hand picked materials. 


What We're About

Here at Cedar & Sage we believe in replenishing what we've used, & investing in our community's future.

Which brings us to our name:

Cedar one of the most dependable woods, and represents our company's Need to replace what we use. That's why when you purchase a piece from our Cedar collection, 15% of our profits are given to Trees for the Future. They help families start their own sustainable farms to provide food and a future for their family.

Sage represents healing and cleansing in many cultures around the world, and for that reason, 15% of profits from our Sage collection go to the Kind Campaign. This awesome organization travels the nation, going into schools to help teach and equip young women with the tools and resources to support each other instead of tearing one another down. They also teach them the skills and resources to embrace and strengthen their emotional health. We believe in strengthening the future of our fellow females, and that's why we've chosen this fierce organization!

100% Handmade

Quality is something we pride ourselves on. Offering multiple sources and styles of materials, every piece is made and produced in the USA, hand-designed & hand-painted.